Protect your retirement funds like a pro. 

Like most people, you don’t have time to track the market but you suspect your 401(k) could be performing better if you did. Tradeplan 401K helps you manage your retirement account by answering just one question: “Is the stock market in an uptrend or a downtrend?”

Tradeplan helps you allocate your 401K to maximize your earnings – buy stocks and index funds when the markets are up trending and fixed income and bonds funds when the markets are in a downtrend.

Tradeplan 401K provides fully a backtested solution with two stock funds and two bond funds. You can customize these funds and run the back testing again to discover even better solutions.

Since major market changes don’t happen very frequently, Tradeplan 401K will minimize to the background and only alert you when necessary.

Order your beta* version of Tradeplan 401K today and take advantage of our pre-release offer.

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* A beta version is a software first-release. Beta users are encouraged provide feedback.

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